Mobile eCommerce Solutions in USA

Mobile eCommerce Solutions

The Dotzooweb method to mobile is unique among commerce system providers. Like other folks, we know of which smartphones and tablets are becoming a mainstream looking venue requiring sturdy support for product or service research and orders.

And so this website offers support for Mobile phones than any different vendor. But we also help our shoppers deploy mobile commerce to further improved B2B interactions. And we certainly are a driving force behind perhaps an important impact mobile technology can have on commerce: as a bridge between the online world and the 95% involving business still conducted from physical locations.


MobiCart – Construct and manage your own personal m-commerce store

  • Don’t employ a site? – Don’t fret, you don’t require one. MobiCart can figure on it’s personal, so you can offer your mobile shop app without ever needing an internet site ..
  • Already have a site? – Great, as opposed to using our administrator to update the mobile store app, you can use our API in addition to update your products from a own website.
  • Fully customizable – MobiCart is usually fully customized from the feel and look your mobile store should have, to adding products and pages for a app. It’s your own store with your own individual brands.
  • Update your app from anywhere – MobiCart can be web based so that you can update your shop from anywhere. Any time you update your products, MobiCart will immediately update your mobile shop within the app store.
  • Mobile commerce is here to stay – Mobile e-commerce could be the next big thing and is also here to remain. Are you willing to tap to the billions of dollars already being spent via cellular phones?
  • Did we speak about it’s FREE? – That’s correct, MobiCart is free of charge so anyone can easily build and deploy their own personal mobile e-commerce shop. If you want it, then tell friends and family!
  • iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Whether your web visitors buy from a iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry cell phone (coming soon), MobiCart handles them. Manage multiple devices collected from one of easy-to-use platform.
  • A developer’s dream! – Using the open API, build and distribute extensions for the MobiCart add-on market.

Mobify – The cutting edge Mobile Web Software for E-commerce & Building

Mobify your web store with the leading m-commerce solution

Mobile commerce is a billion market that’s broadening rapidly. Customers using devices of all kinds are already arriving for your online store. Going mobile doesn’t must be difficult – most of the benefits can be performed by simply establishing existing e-commerce websites for mobile employ. Contact us to uncover how Mobify can assist!

Demandware online store Platform – Mobile Commerce

Demandware’s mobile commerce application features a full-featured, customizable mobile storefront with all of the functionality retailers need to make a compelling shopping experience on the mobile device. With full integration into the Demandware eCommerce Software, retailers can release, customize and take care of the day-to-day operations with the mobile channel using minimal effort.
Demandware’s Mobile commerce application includes:

  • Site Search
  • Guided Direction-finding
  • Robust Product List
  • SKU and Model Handling
  • Price Book Compatibility
  • Dynamic Content material Slots
  • Security
  • Cross-Channel Inventory
  • Optimized Checkout
  • And more…